The Time for Undefiable Evolution


Location: New York City

Date: September 21-23, 2018

Nonprofits BRCA Strong and The Time Between Is, Inc are partnering to bring you The Time For Undefiable Evolution in New York. We are bringing together previvors, survivors as well as key speakers from the medical community and from nonprofits offering survivorship tools around both previving and surviving.

Tracy was given the news she tested positive for BRCA and knew she had to do all she could to be here for her kids and to help others who hear the words, “you tested positive.” Lisa was diagnosed with stage 3 aggressive breast cancer without any gene mutation, family history or clue. She knew she had to be aggressive right back to be here for her kids and to light the way for others who get hit with life changing news to balance their new lives after the health issue.

Together they are bringing together previvors and survivors for an informative, fun evening of talks, medical panelists and more – NYC is about to be Brca Strong and learn Balance After Cancer.

When you are UnBRCAble, nothing stands in your way. Join us for another BRCA Strong event designed to support the connected community of Previvors and Survivors. We are a non-profit organization built on the very foundation of supporting Previvors and Survivors. Our mission is to support, educate, inspire and empower Survivors and Previvors, to eliminate the feeling of isolation. We have traveled the journey and want to stand with, lead, hold up, and/or carry others as they walk the path. We believe that education and community are essential elements to creating a network filled with resources to that we can thrive as we become BRCA Strong.

We are partnering with Balance After Cancer Foundation – a NY based nonprofit focused on providing education, training and support to help people who have been told, “you have cancer” or “you have pre-cancer” get back to “normal”. Their program is focused on confidence and skills based learning to get back to work and more in life after being told you need to have life saving surgery.

Featuring Master of Ceremony Shirley Bazua, award-winning doctors Dr. Stephen Chagares and double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Elkwood, attendees will learn about cutting-edge robotic technologies, with fine cuisine provided by Sen Sakana and comedy by Caitlin Brodnick, author of Dangerous Boobies: Breaking Up with My Time-Bomb Breasts.

Master of Ceremony Shirley Bazua is a business professional, videographer,
photographer, marketing and strategic consultant. After working abroad, her vision became reality: During a networking event with 30 inspiring women, she realized the impact and importance of sharing experiences to help empower and make a difference in the lives of women. Determined to be the change she wanted to see in the world, Bazua created a video and photography project entitled Women Empowerneurs. The initiative’s goal is to share and spread empowering women’s stories around the world to inspire, encourage and motivate women for their business, life and career.
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