Breast in Show Series



“I want to personally thank everyone  who was kind enough to share their stories with Women Empowerneurs. You are brave, courageous and fearless. We hope to spread and share your advice, knowledge and wisdom with the world and we know your stories will touch someones else’s heart across the globe. “

Episode 1:Breast in Show- Tracy Milgram-Posner: Previvor and Founder of BRCAStrong.

Knowledge is power and here BRCAStrong we strive to alleviate the emotional and financial burdens of women facing genetically predisposed breast and/or ovarian cancer through advocacy, direct assistance, empowerment, fundraising initiatives and events.
BRCAStrong, is a Nonprofit organization built on the very foundation of supporting Previvors and Survivors. Whether routine monitoring or preventative surgery, we can help you through the journey. The diagnosis can be overwhelming and isolating. You are not alone! BRCAStrong will navigate you through the process with others who are making the same decisions and facing the same fears. Empowering women living with reconstruction or no reconstruction after mastectomies is imperative. We can help women network with the right foundation and physicians to properly support their needs.

“Our mission is to support, educate, inspire and empower Previvors and Survivors, to eliminate the feeling of isolation.” “My BRCA2gene started the fight, but I am going to finish it.”


Episode 2: Breast in Show – Bringing together Tracy Milgram-Posners children Gabriela and Jordan Posner.

Showing us how important it is to start that conversation at an early age. Encouraging families with genetic mutations to educate and communicate with their children to prepare them and learn more about their family history at an early and appropriate age.

Episode 3: Breast in Show – Joanne English Rollieson

After battling cancer and with the support of her husband, Ronald Rollieson, every May since 2007, Joanne gives an annual Breast Cancer fundraiser event at her home in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. This event know as Spring Bling Think Pink was created to educate people about the disease and to celebrate life.

Episode 4: Breast in Show- Yvonne Zucco

Yvonne defines one week post op robotic assisted bilateral mastectomy expectations. She made an appearance in NYC for the Time for Undefiable Evolution Event Hosted by BRCAStrong, with full shoulder range of motion, no bandages with drains out and implants intact! Yvonne is such an inspiration to us all. Stronger and feeling on top of the world already!

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