“Women EmPOWERneurs’ initiative goal is to share and spread empowering women’s stories around the world to help inspire, encourage and motivate other women for their business, life and career. To build a community to learn more about happiness, how to be happy and how to broaden your mind to other perspectives.”

“Throughout my life I have been surrounded by such incredible and empowering women. My mom, my sisters, business owners -you name it…”

“Each one has helped me become the woman I am today. Whether it’s through life and business advice, stories or teaching me how to become a woman entrepreneur… I wondered …how beneficial would it be for others if they were given the same opportunity I have had…To be able to receive advice from someone they can look up to, have a mentor and to see the necessary steps you have to take to become successful -not only career wise but in life as well…”

“It wasn’t until recently when I decided to take action…During a networking event one day,the room around me was filled with 30 inspiring women. (Therapists, Co-founders, Doctors, Previvors and Survivors of Cancer) After sharing their stories and journeys, I realized the impact and importance it had on everyone listening. In hopes of empowering and making a difference in the lives of other women, I began and created this video and photography project entitled Women Empowerneurs. ”

” Sharing your experiences and advice can help someone whether its for business, life or career.”