Gloria Contreras

Gloria Contreras

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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Out Medical Malpractice, Product Liability and Personal Injury Firm- Aspiring Law Student 

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Interviewed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

“For anyone else going through DACA or any other DACA student or the 1000 of people who can’t be DACA right now because of the way our government is DONT GIVE UP don’t quick fighting. there were so many times where I wanted to just say “the hell with this” I’m going to go back to Ecuador and I’ll find a job somewhere there, but I didn’t and I kept fighting and even though there will be challenges that look impossible to fix or bumps on the road that your are just going to say how the hell am I going to get over this – you’ll find a way- just be patient, you will find a way ,there will always be a way , it won’t come to you right away, but with time you will be okay.”

1.What advice would you give your younger self?

I would definitely tell myself to enjoy the moments a little more. Especially in college I was too concentrated on working and making money because I had to pay for school that so often I sacrificed making memories with my friends and my family to work. Many times I missed family parties because I had an extra shift to pick up.

2. Tell me a time when you were your happiest.

I think I am my happiest right now. I graduated college and that was the biggest accomplishment yet- I am the first grad from my family –first college graduate and I think this is my happiest. I know I am in the right path- applying for law school, working a great job with well pay and benefits. Working enough and making enough money were I can treat my parents to dinner. Take my sister to go get her nails done and being able to give back to my parents and family for everything they have done for me. Brings me so much gratitude and happiness. I am at a point right now were I know exactly were I am going and I know I am doing the right things to get to were I want to be.

3. What is your greatest struggle right now?

Finding the money to pay for law school. Law school is super expensive and unfortunately because I am a DACA student I can’t apply for student loans- so really the only way to pay more law school at the moment is scholarship money, grants and out of pocket.

4. What does happiness mean to you?

My family. I can be dirt poor and bra and underwear but as long as I had my family with me I would be okay.

5. How do you define your happiness?

My family. My family defines who I am in general and without them I wouldn’t be me. So I wouldn’t be happy. But my family and my friends and the people who are there for me and support me are what bring me the greatest happiness in the world no materialist, no money, no car, no house. No anything would bring me the happiness that my friends and family give me.

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