Nina @boustedtkonsult Business Owner. HR. Employer Branding Recruiting. Negotiation. Stress Coach. Follow Nina on Instagram @boustedtkonsult   1. Tell me a time when you were your happiest? The time I spent with my grandmother as a child, was one of my happiest moments because she always believed in me and listened to me and made…


Kellie @browngirlandbrcaplus Kellie initiated BROWN GIRL AND BRCA PLUS to spread awareness about genetic testing and offer a view of the BRCA experience from a person of color’s perspective. Follow Kellie on Instagram @browngirlandbrcaplus   Kellie is a married, mother of two, BCRA1 previvor and the daughter of a two-time breast cancer survivor. Kellie recently…

Ashley Dedmon

Ashley Dedmon Houston, Texas Photos done by: @lightwriterphoto and @raifnlrucker In Health,A. Dedmon, MPH, CHES® Founder and Owner, Pink Legacy 50/50 Follow Ashley on Instagram @pinklegacy5050   I just launched my book on how to explain a breast cancer diagnosis to young children. The book is entitled, “The Big Discovery,” and it serves as an…

Gloria Contreras

Gloria Contreras Fort Lauderdale, Florida   Out Medical Malpractice, Product Liability and Personal Injury Firm- Aspiring Law Student  Follow Gloria on Instagram @gl0ria_9 Interviewed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA “For anyone else going through DACA or any other DACA student or the 1000 of people who can’t be DACA right now because of the way…

Alexia McLeod

“I am the owner and founder for Therapeutic Center for Hope. I founded this company just based on the fact that I had a passion to have something that would benefit other people. I saw a lot of people with a lot of need in mental health for counsel that were not receiving the services that they needed at the quality that they needed and I had a passion to step out on my own and I was just really blessed to have others that encouraged me to be brave enough  to step out of my own comfort zone.”

Morgan John

What advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell her to slow down. To not look too much towards the future and not to dwell on the past.Life journey is a cycle, it’s all connected. I’ve spent too much time focusing on the future and just waiting not being able to enjoyed the present because I wanted to do the next thing, I wanted to be older, I wanted to go to college and wanted to do this and this…and you know it’s good to look forward to thing but that’s not…its.. your absent when you do that in the present.

Karolina Bazua

How did you know what you wanted?

“Well I came from a long line of entrepreneurs. My grandparents had a flower shop, my parents have their own company, and we just grew up around that environment , so I always knew I wanted to be a business owner and create multiple businesses not just one.”